Manufacturer LUDLUM
Weight 10 LB


EMERGENCY RESPONSE KIT, 2241-2, 44-9, 44-2

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This kit features the digital, versatile and auto-ranging Model 2241-2 Ratemeter/Scaler that can measure exposure, contamination, and samples. Also included is a Model 44-9 GM pancake-type detector, Model 44-2 scintillator detector, a 1 m (39 in) cable, check source, check source holder, batteries and secure foam padded carrying case. Attach either the Model 44-9 alpha/beta/gamma GM pancake probe for contamination and swipe sample measurements, or the Model 44-2 high-sensitivity gamma scintillator detector for locating the source of high readings. A locking toggle switch on the 2241-2 selects the correct set of operating parameters for the connected detector to optimize the measurement.