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Magnetic Separators are an excellent solution for quickly and efficiently sorting scrap materials. 

Contact NASCO-OP at 800-321-3396 to find the Magnetic Separators to fit your unique requirements.

Crossbelt Separators are used in sorting a steady stream of comingled items. Suspended above your line, they pull out the ferrous materials to give you a higher grade end product. Commonly used in automotive sorting and post shred applications, these tools help you get the most money for your finished product! 

Magnetic Drum Separators are a powerful and efficient method of processing large volumes and larger sized materials. Available in Axial and Radial models, Drum Separators result in a less contaminated material supply. NASCO-OP offers Drum Separators from the leading brands:

• Stearns

• Walker

These products mount as head pulleys on your conveyor belt system, allowing you to capture any tramp iron while separating it from the stream of clean material. With custom shaft and face dimensions available, NASCO-OP offers designs for any application. These products work well with both large and small pieces of tramp iron.
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